Radio Pulpit has been on air since 1981 and broadcasts on 657 AM in the greater Gauteng and surrounding areas. A breakthrough of the vision came on 18 July 2012, after many years of prayer by thousands of people, when a license was granted to Cape Pulpit 729 AM. Cape Pulpit started broadcasting on 1 December 2012 and can be heard on 729 AM in the greater part of the Western Cape.


  • To spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • To every home in SA and beyond
  • In a language of preference
  • Applying all available media technologies of the day


  • We are an independent, trans-cultural and, trans-denominational Christian media organization.
  • Our divine assignment is to proclaim the Gospel message through the production & broadcasting of
    • excellent radio & TV programmes
    • electronic media
    • publications
    • community initiatives
  • We are focused on
    • being a companion to believers in their journey of faith
    • to win unbelievers for Christ
  • Radio Pulpit & Cape Pulpit
    • participate in radio missionary activities in Africa
    • facilitate and establish Christian Radio Ministries throughout the continent
    • provide training and development
    • create new opportunities for Christian broadcasters

Cape Pulpit is not an electronic church but aims to co-work with Christian denominations and churches that share our statement of faith and subscribe to our broadcast policy, in order to add new members to the Body of Christ.