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Written by on 27th Jun 2020

Manage your security from one place with Kaspersky Security Cloud.

There is no doubt that the Internet plays an integral part in our lives, and especially now, during the global pandemic. Many normal day-to-day activities, be it schooling or catching up with friends, has quickly moved online. But as we look to navigate the new normal and find ourselves spending more time online, we must also do so safely. To support safe online experiences and help you to protect your data at all times while online, this Youth Month, Kaspersky is offering one lucky listener a chance to win a 1-year licence code to Kaspersky’s adaptive solution called Kaspersky Security Cloud (worth over R1300).

All you have to do to stand a chance to win is answer the following question.

“What guideline would you give your child to use the Internet responsibly?”

Drop your answer in the comment section on our Facebook page here.

The 180 Degrees team will select a winner and announce it on air on Monday, 6 July during their show.

Your child/children can also enter, please see more details on the I Am Youth Movement Facebook page.

More about Kaspersky Security Cloud

“The Internet allows teens to have fast and easy access to a vast range of opportunities today. It can be a great platform for learning and sharing knowledge, taking part in social activities, and staying in touch with friends. One such example is the prevalent use of real-time photos and video sharing, with services such as Instagram and Snapchat being at the peak of popularity among younger generations. These services can fuel adolescents’ creativity and encourage them to develop their own videos and shareable content, which all plays a big part in teens leading a more active life, making it easier for them to find common ground with their peers. However, increased use of online apps and services can also bring challenges for some teens – as well as their parents,” says Maher Yamout, Senior Security Researcher at Kaspersky.

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