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Saterag Samesyn

Bly in-getune’ cause I will see you soon, ek meen ma, dis Saterag Samesyn!

Kaapse Koortjies

Kom dierbares en loof die Here, soos onse mense kan

Dmitri Murray is a well-known voice on Radio Cape Pulpit and was born in Mitchells Plein.

He is an ex-drug dealer who believes that praise and worship is a way of expressing and celebrating his freedom in Christ Jesus.  After an attempted suicide and a radical encounter with the God who preserved his life, he discovered his identity in God. He was freed from depression and anxiety.

This father of three, and husband to Nicolene, is passionate about sharing the story of hope with listeners. He believes that the good news is that no matter your situation, you always have the option to choose better and that the best choice you can ever make is to choose Jesus as your Lord and Saviour.

Dmitri can be heard on Huiswaarts, Saterag Samesyn and Kaapse Koortjies.

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