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30th April 2020

729AM’s Get Up & Go Breakfast Show Podcasts is a flagship brand of Radio Cape Pulpit. It offers a mix of current affairs, actuality, listener interaction, spiritual motivation, and moments of loud, boisterous laughter. Our presenters, Brad and Líomee, create a synergy with their listeners that makes for a fun, engaging, and unparalleled Breakfast Show.

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Get Up & Go – Podcasts Highlights

Missed an artist interview, a conversation with a politician, event information, or any other ‘must-listen-again’ moment on Get up and Go Breakfast? Well, then you’ll find it here! These are the podcasts we don’t want you to miss.

Get Up & Go – Dads & Lads – Jannie Putter

Jannie Putter is a mental coach, author, and motivational speaker. He provides perspective on;  attitudes, dreams, and living a life of adventure.

Get Up & Go – Lifestyle Women – Zantie Swanepoel

Zantie deel elke Woensdag oggend iets spesiaal wat God op haar hart geplaas het, en vertel ook een van haar kragstories.

Get Up & Go – Family Prayer – Rudi Nagel

Rudi is die Kinder Gebedsnetwerk van Suid Afrika se Wes-Kaapse Fassiliteerder. Hy deel elke Maandag oggend ‘n nuwe tema met ons wat ons gebedslewe sal versterk. Gebed is een van die hoekstene van ‘n gesonde familie, en Rudi gee praktiese raad oor hoe om dit deel te maak van jou gesin se lewe.

Get Up & Go – Business Coaching – Louwerens Swanepoel

Louwerens Swanepoel is a Mentor, Businessman, and Motivational Speaker. He specializes in brain activation and rehabilitation. Personal development is the name of the game, and this insert is all about inspiring business owners to better performance.

Get Up & Go – Health Awareness – Wendy Christien

Wendy is a wellness practitioner and health coach at Integrated Health Solutions. She provides the insight and information we need to ensure we manage our bodies well, and to function at optimal performance.

Get Up & Go – Johnny Louw

Johnny is ‘n voltydse evangelis en motiverings spreker. Sy passie is kinders en om hulle te help en te waarsku het sy ministerie geword. Hy het reeds meer as 300 skole toegespreek en het hy reeds 120 interdenominale mansgroepe help stig. Hy het ook al meer as 450 gemeentes landwyd besoek. Johnny deel ‘n krag-boodskap met ons.

Get Up & Go – Life in Action Worldview – Prof Dion Forster

Prof. Dion Forster is the Head of the Department of Systematic Theology and Ecclesiology, and the Beyers Naudé Center for Public Theology. Every week Prof Dion helps us to express our faith practically with a dose of his infectious passion for life and the Word.

Get Up & Go – Green Actuality – Elma Pollard

Elma Pollard is the editor of the Green Times. The Green Times is a social enterprise focused on climate change and other environmental news with a particular focus on creative and constructive solutions. Every Wednesday morning, Elma directs our thinking to ensure we understand the urgency of effective stewardship. She then tells us how to maximize our combined efforts.

Get Up & Go – Christian Perspective on the News

Various church, ministry and thought leaders share their Christian Perspective on the News, every weekday morning at 07h30. Fake news, bad news and worldly views; we are bombarded with these every day. It is, therefore, vital that we also receive some Christian Perspective on the news.

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