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180 Degrees is a Godly, diverse and exciting Christian programme that youth of all ages can relate to. Listeners have been tuning in for more of this vibrant content since 2018. There is never a dull moment when 180 Degrees is on air.

You can expect soothing and vibrant local and international music during the programme, which consists of several segments. It is kick-started with What’s Down In Cape Town? This segment details various community and youth events in the “Mother City” and surrounding areas. It is followed by the Groovy Movie segment, during which an extract from a movie is played. This allows listeners to interact with the presenters as they try to figure out which movie is being referred to.

180 Degrees also includes interesting and to-the-point interviews that address different topics each week; from fundraisers and events to difficult issues, like dealing with teenage pregnancy or dealing with infants whose lives are affected by FADS. A brain-wrecking Bible Quiz also allows for further live on-air interaction. Another exciting highlight of the programme is the weekly Happy Health Tip, which is a fun and quirky way of introducing new ways for listeners to take care of themselves without it seeming like a chore!

You can also tune in for 180 Degrees on our sister station, Radio Pulpit or you can listen live on I Am Youth Web Radio.

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Zoë George is a law student who loves Jesus and music. She enjoys spending her time listening to and creating music and lives by the following motto: “Today is the tomorrow you talked about yesterday.” Her favourite Bible scripture is 1 Peter 5:7. It says: “Cast all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for […]

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