Elevated with Jenna Leigh Bilong

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“You’ve been elevated!”

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Be uplifted in your spirit, empowered by the Word of God and encouraged by the testimonies of known and unknown people who boldly tell the story of what God is doing in their lives. 

Every week Jenna-Leigh is joined by someone ready to overcome by the word of their testimony and help others overcome struggles that they might still be facing (Rev. 12:10-11). On Elevated we’ve had people who have been healed from cancer, those who found wholeness in Christ after tremendous heartache and pain and even those who had a supernatural encounter with God on their journey. Actors, musicians, pastors, mothers, drug addicts, prisoners, internationally acclaimed speakers, ex-gangsters and many more testify of how God has elevated them. The testimonies of guests might differ but the source of their breakthrough is the same – God. 

During the Elevation Message of the Day, Jenna-Leigh reflects on a thought that is based on the Word of God. The aim of the message is always to uplift you, give you courage for the next step and to grow your capacity.  

Combine all of this with some inspirational music and you’ve got a recipe for “Elevated”. 

The vision of the programme is that every listener will be elevated to go to their next level in their walk with Christ, their faith and receive hope.

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