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There is always hope, hope in darkness, hope in life and hope in Christ

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On iThemba Anele pastors alternate each week in presenting the programme with the aim to instill iThemba (hope) in God’s people.

The show includes relevant and entertaining conversations about pastor’s kids, or PK’s, as they are known. It delves into the PK narrative and the judgement and expectations the church has for PK’s. Some PK's, their families, friends and church members join the programme for fascinating conversation. A panel discussion allows all views to be shared.

The programme also touches on the music industry. We have a look at what is happening behind the scenes by interviewing drummers, pianists, composers, producers, music managers, promoters, publishers, organisations and associations.

Join Anele and his guest on iThemba for your weekly dose of hope.

You can also listen to iThemba on our sister station Radio Pulpit on Saturdays from 21:00 – 23:00.

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Anele Joja is a traditional gospel singer and worshipper who has been raised by God for a time such as this. He has been in the music industry for some time serving in local traditional and gospel music groups, community choirs, as well as church choirs. His primary objectives are to preach the gospel of […]

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