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Bly in-getune’ cause I will see you soon, ek meen ma, dis Saterag Samesyn!

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Saterag Samesyn (pronounced without a ‘d’) is a programme with a focus on community.

The programme is jumpstarted with a meaningful motivational insert to recharge the batteries after a long week, followed by a very informative slot during which medical professionals answer listeners’ submitted questions relating to health issues. A slot reserved for job opportunities follows and focus on some jobs on offer as well as bursary and internship opportunities.

A community news slot highlights local events, submitted by listeners, and shares relevant events found on the various social media platforms. The tempo continues during the last hour with interviews about and with those doing extraordinary things in their respective communities. A tasty food segment gives the feel of a "live in the kitchen atmosphere", introducing new recipes each week that listeners are encouraged to try out. Catering for the many book lovers, a selected book review adds another interesting book to the bookshelves, which is followed by courageous listeners reading their poetry on air.

The programme is concluded each week with an incredibly interesting insert that looks at the meaning of a certain Afrikaans idiom and where it originated from.
The name of the programme says it all. Samesyn suggests ubuntu in the diversity that the programme offers. This, together with the authenticity of the presenter maintaining fond and likeable interaction with the audience, has achieved the “local is lekker” flavour for people from all walks of life.

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