Written by on 16th Mar 2020

It all started on December 25 2013 when my brother, who at the time worked for a Community Radio Station in Mdantsane, East London. From time to time he would invite me to his show and I would decline, I was afraid of speaking on air…so I thought at least, until one day, December 25 2013 I finally agreed to go and say “Hi” to the listeners.

What I, for the longest time interpreted as fear – being “afraid of speaking on air” soon turned out to be the best feeling ever. As I walked into that cold room with 4 computer screens, a big control desk, 3 microphones and pictures of celebrities who have been guests to the station all over the room, I thought to myself “what am I doing, I can’t do this – it’s too scary” you see, I was afraid of how I would sound to the listeners. My concern was not only how my voice would sound, but what would I be brining On Air that would be of benefit to the listeners – what would I leave them with.

After looking around the studio and finally deciding to sit down and put on the headphones – wow that was such a great feeling, I almost felt like my work there was done…little did I know that it was only the beginning of a lifetime of adrenaline. This was and still is the best feeling to have before going live! To make a long story short, I greeted the host and the listeners, and soon after the host (who is my brother) asked me a weird question. He asked me who am i? “Tell us who you are” he said, and in my head I’m thinking, but you know me! I quickly realized that he knew he wasn’t alone; in fact he had a host of ears, lives that waited in anticipation for something or someone to speak to them – to appeal to them and possibly change their lives or at least affect them.

The last thing I remember is me saying “I think I love radio…” and I look at me now! 5 years later – still at it. I believe that Radio can be a good daily companion when executed right – just like Radio Cape Pulpit “Your daily companion”

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