Visiothon: In This Together

Written by on 27th May 2020

Visiothon: In This Together has a special meaning for us because the world is facing a time of immense uncertainty due to the Coronavirus. It affected millions of people worldwide and each of us in the privacy of our homes. For almost four decades we have been, and still are, there for you as we tackle this difficult time together, with the Lord’s help.

Together, we need to bring our only true hope, Jesus Christ, to a desperate nation… and the world; especially now that people need it most. We are able and most willing to do this, with you by our side, as we are united as one family of believers.

SMS ‘GIVE’ to 37871, followed by the amount you wish to give. Standard SMS rates apply.

We fought on the front line to continue to broadcast 24 hours a day. We have also suffered a severe blow to our income over the past three months and the sustainable existence of Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit is under attack.

You can also make use of our online form to donate.

Visiothon: In This Together

We understand that you have been impacted by the Coronavirus as well. But in the light of the hard knocks that we have taken financially, we are taking the courage to ask you to contribute to this Visiothon. We need to continue to fight on the front line to bring the Word and presence of God to your home, our nation and beyond.

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We are thankful for each and everyone’s contribution. We have seen in the past how you have opened up your generous hearts and gave without reserve. We truly appreciate your unfailing support over decades, to keep us on air.

We are asking you to support us, once again, even during this time of uncertainty as we know that we serve a mighty God – the Lord of the heavens and earth – who provide to us according to our faith.

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