Radio Cape Pulpit 729AM brings the life-giving message of Christ to the Western Cape. The Station restores family values, equip the leaders of tomorrow and build a moral nation. This sister station of Radio Pulpit 657AM (and member of the Pulpit Media Group) was established in 2012.

According to independent research performed by Freshly Ground Insights (FGI) in 2018, the radio station has a listenership of 60 000+.  

  • Listeners:                                          126 000+
  • Facebook fans:                                 43,982+
  • Facebook reach:                               Approx. average of 328 000 a month
  • Daily devotional readership:         250 000

Radio Cape Pulpit can be heard on 729AM, the station’s app and on its web site. The station has an LSM of 6-10 and broadcasts in Afrikaans, English and Xhosa to an engaged and very loyal audience. Radio Cape Pulpit publishes daily devotionals (The Word for Today, Die Woord vir Vandag and the youth devotionals – word4U2day) in partnership with the Pulpit Media Group. These publications are distributed in print and electronic format, reaching 250 000 readers a day.

The radio station has numerous Listeners Engagement Projects (LEP’s) and events where not only Radio Cape Pulpit, but also its sponsors receive high visibility. 

Stay tuned to the message of Christ. With Radio Cape Pulpit, as your daily companion, you can live the gospel in your car or in your home, every day of the week.  

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