Vision & Mission


To be a leading Christian Media voice, focussed on sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and actively serving and uplifting the communities of the Western Cape and beyond.

Our slogan

“From the Word to your Heart – Uit die Woord na jou Hart”


Providing Word based programming, regular outreaches, pursuing meaningful connections, featuring community spotlights and activating sustainable change.

Core Values

  • Integrity: Operating with honesty, transparency and moral uprightness in al interactions, content creation and business practices.

  • Excellence: Striving tirelessly for high quality in al content and branding to provide the best possible experience to our listeners and followers.
  • Faithfulness – Remaining true to the teachings of the Christian faith and upholding Biblical principles in al aspects of our communication with our audience.
  • Compassion – Demonstrating empathy, understanding and a caring attitude towards all
    listeners and members of the community.
  • Unity – Fostering a sense of togetherness, inclusivity and understanding among listers from diverse backgrounds within and beyond the Christian faith.



Current track