Radio Cape Pulpit Vision & Mission


The Radio Cape Pulpit vision is to restore the presence of God in every home in South Africa and beyond in a major local African language (of preference). We are applying preferred and affordable media technologies of the day to accomplish our vision.

These technologies include but are not limited to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

We believe in bringing the life-giving message of Christ to the Western Cape. The Station restores family values, equip the leaders of tomorrow and build a moral nation.

Our company slogan perfectly summarizes the Radio Cape Pulpit vision.

Your Daily Companion.


Together with Radio Pulpit 657AM, we form part of the Pulpit Media Group. We are an independent, trans-cultural, and trans-denominational media organisation. Our divine assignment is to proclaim the Gospel message through the production and broadcasting of radio programmes, supported by other electronic media, publications, and community initiatives.

Our focus is to be a companion to believers in their journey of faith and win unbelievers for Christ. We participate in radio missionary activities by facilitating and establishing Christian radio ministries in Africa and provide training and development opportunities for Christian broadcasters.

Where possible, we assist local communities by supporting those in need. Examples include providing weekly food deliveries to those in need and our free biblical counselling service.

Core Values

Integrity: Performing all tasks in a spirit of honesty, mutual respect, trust, and authenticity and without hidden agenda.
Excellence: A dedication to excellence and zero defect of all our products and services.
Teamwork: Acceptance and understanding that contribute to team objectives are more important than pursuing one’s own interests.
Accountability: The acknowledgment and willingness to take of responsibility for one’s actions, behaviour, and decisions.
Commitment: An affirmation, loyalty, and devotion to the Organisation’s mission and vision.

Current track