25th April 2020

The education system has a direct influence on the future of our nation, and we believe that all Christians need to do their part in safeguarding, developing and influencing it. Join Kopskuif as we discuss exactly how we can do just that.

KOPSKUIF is mostly presented in Afrikaans, with the average slot taking around forty minutes. By making use of the podcast section, you can download the complete programme, or you can listen directly from this section. You can also easily skip sections or even forward specific parts in the slot.

You can tune in to KOPSKUIF every Saturday from 4 to 6 pm. If you wish to listen on your radio, then make sure to switch from FM to AM. You will find Radio Cape Pulpit on the 729AM frequency. You can also join us by making use of our new free App for iPhone or Android phones.

The presenter, Mercia Eksteen is the communications manager of the ATKV for the Afrikaans Language and Culture Association (ATKV) in South Africa.

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Kopskuif, a programme about current education and school community issues that are discussed.

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