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Johann Els is a seasoned radio presenter, a preacher of the gospel of Jesus Christ since 1985. He loves music in all its forms and is himself, also a recording gospel singer.


Reverend Johann Els has been with Radio Pulpit for more than 35 years and has vast experience in radio. He was one of the founders of the university radio station Radio Matie and has also been involved at Jacaranda FM and Ofm, among others. Reverend Els also has a Bachelor of Arts in Theology from the University of Stellenbosch.

He moved to Pringle Bay in 2015 from Bloemfontein, where he was the reverend at the Dutch reformed “Klipkerk” for nearly 21 years. To this day, he is still a mentor to many young preachers. Johann often broadcasts from his home in Pringle Bay. He is married to Louise, who he describes as a gift from God, he is also the proud father of four. Lise, Johann, Johannes, and Willem is his pride and joy.

When he was a kid he wanted to be a surgeon.

Sometimes I still wish I was a surgeon.

Loving God & Enjoying Life

We are thankful that God had a different purpose for him! His daily devotions, which is a great encouragement and daily boost to listeners, have also been combined into a book called “Dagbreek met God.”

Johann loves music, and listeners can hear diverse gospel music in all the programmes that he presents. He lives life to the fullest, is known for his and authenticity, realness, joy, and helping and caring for others are some of his passions. His love for God and people is tangible to every listener, even when he is speaking to thousands.

You will experience this and much more in the various programmes he presents.

You can join him on Dagbreek, Something Els, and Spektrum on both Radio Pulpit and Radio Cape Pulpit.

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