Presenter of the Abbo Biblical Counselling programme.

Frederik and Soekie Woolls are your presenters for the programme, Into-Me-See.  

Thando Melane is a holistic, impactful and impressive leader. He has a great gift for public speaking, engaging and interacting with his audience. He also has the unique ability to be able to relate to both mature and young audiences from various backgrounds. He describes himself as a modern-day South African charismatic leader for today’s […]

Dmitri Murray is a well-known voice on Radio Cape Pulpit and was born in Mitchells Plein. He is an ex-drug dealer who believes that praise and worship is a way of expressing and celebrating his freedom in Christ Jesus.  After an attempted suicide and a radical encounter with the God who preserved his life, he […]

Bertha le Roux-Wahl became a household name when she played the role of Emma in the popular Afrikaans soapie, 7de Laan. She used this platform to spread the joy of the Lord. As a mother of two daughters, she has a nurturing quality that makes her relatable to listeners. She believes that as a presenter […]

Anele Joja is a traditional gospel singer and worshipper who has been raised by God for a time such as this. He has been in the music industry for some time serving in local traditional and gospel music groups, community choirs, as well as church choirs. His primary objectives are to preach the gospel of […]

Melvina Marva Mason has 30 years’ experience across a broad spectrum of issues in school communities. She is known as a catalyst, problem solver, collaborator, critical thinker and a game-changer. Her field of expertise varies from project manager, education columnist, radio host, community catalyst and facilitator to education specialist, financial manager, office manager, community builder […]

Mpumzi Rasmeni is a professional gospel artist, musician, motivational speaker, master of ceremonies and a father of two. He has five years’ experience as a radio broadcaster. With a love for the entertainment industry, it is no wonder that he found his voice in radio. Since joining Radio Cape Pulpit in 2018, the future continues […]

Vuyokazi Charity Matu is one of the founders, directors and shareholders of Okuhle Media, a film and television production company that produces content for broadcasters and brands both locally and internationally. She was born in the rural Eastern Cape and studied at the University of Transkei. She was a radio presenter at the community radio […]

Thuthula Mngenela has been a radio presenter and content producer for a decade. She has a strong communication and media background and brings with her a wealth of experience. Thuthula is passionate about assisting people to transform and evolve on their life journey while finding hope in all situations. You can listen to her on Ubomi ku Krestu.

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