Christian Perspective on the News

28th April 2020

Various church, ministry and thought leaders share their Christian Perspective on the News, every weekday morning at 07h30. It is part of  “Get Up & Go Breakfast Show” with Brad Kirsten and Almarie du Preez

Fake news, bad news and worldly views; we are bombarded with these every day. It is, therefore, vital that we also receive some Christian Perspective on the news. If you’ve missed any of the slots that run every weekday at 07h30 in the morning, then you can listen to the podcast. It won’t take more than 5 minutes of your time but it might leave you with an invaluable perspective on what is happening in the world and in South Africa.

We present the programme in both English and Afrikaans. The average slot in seven minutes long, and never longer than ten minutes. These inserts are filled with well-known and respected leaders in the South African Christian community. Dr. Braam Hanekom, Dominee Jannie Pelser, and Dr. Peter Hammond are just a few of the participants.

Dr. Braam Hanekom was the former moderator of the Synod of the Western and Southern Cape. He is respected as a thought leader with tremendous compassion for the poor and destitute communities of South Africa.

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