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It’s not just about making the change, it’s about being the change.

Lauren Jacobs is an award-winning author, who focusses on empowering women to make the positive life changes they are yearning for.

Alongside her career as a professional author, Lauren has dedicated the past decade to social justice pursuits. From social justice journalism to conference speaking, radio interviews and collaboration with international organizations, she has frequently written and spoken about issues facing the global community of women. Her work is widely published. With a degree in psychology, coupled with four years’ work experience as a trauma counsellor and women abuse therapist, her work is built on personal experience and a heartfelt passion for change.

Lauren studied for 10 years across disciplines, with a B.A in Psychology and English, she continued her studies in the area of criminology, and thereafter she obtained an honours and master’s degree in divinity.

You can expect straight talk with Lauren on Voice of Change.



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