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It’s not just about making the change, it’s about being the change.

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Vulnerability in itself is an act of courage. Few aspire to vulnerability and authenticity in the presence of faceless strangers. “Voice of Change” covers current social justice issues tugging at the world’s conscience. It addresses these issues head-on, but with vulnerability and authenticity at its core.

It is produced for a millennial audience with deep roots in the Christian faith who are seeking real conversations, answers and real change. Topics described as the “elephants in the room”, such as the abuse of men, postpartum depression, menstrual health for the homeless, the great white saviour complex, persecution based on gender or religion and the pain of motherhood are but some examples of the waters the show navigates.


Guests share their stories, journeys, hardships and their experience of overcoming the issues at hand. They (and sometimes we) often have to fight through tears as they share their stories. All the guests have turned their experiences and stories into organizations, initiatives, NGO’s, FBO’s or life works which radically fight for social justice causes.

The aim of “Voice of Change” is to create the space for social justice pursuits through authentic storytelling, while attempting to challenge the listener to make a difference in the world at large. The compelling aspect of “Voice of Change” is the programme’s ability to stir emotion and challenge the listener to be a change-maker.

Listen as dynamic guests from all around the globe, who are qualified to speak on their topic with passion and understanding, help create a moment of “me too” that will help you not to feel alone in your world.

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